Oanh + Eddie: Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Session

Oanh and Eddie love to party, and so do their friends! The reception took place at the Huntington Beach Hyatt, where a professional rap dance company performed to get the evening started. A KROQ DJ then took over and played great music throughout the night. The 10-course Vietnamese dinner included lobster, duck and shark fin soup. Did I mention Oanh, Eddie and their friends like to eat, too? The ceremony was more low key and took place at a Buddhist temple with a monk officiating. Oahn wore a traditional ao dai tunic. After the morning ceremony, the couple and wedding party headed over to the Hyatt where Oahn changed into Western apparel for the evening reception. I love my job and one of the best things about it is taking part in cultural weddings.

Hunting Beach Hyatt/ www.huntingtonbeach.hyatt.com
Regent West Restaurant/ www.regentwest.com

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